High-Quality Early Learning
and Child Care


We offer services for:

  • Infants
  • Toddlers
  • Two to Four Years of Age
  • Texas School Ready! Program for Older 3’s and 4’s
  • Before and after school extended day
  • Five to twelve year olds after school programs
  • Winter and Summer Camps


Kool Koala’s – 6 weeks to 6 months
Kanga-Roo’s – 6 months to 12 months
Lil’ Cubs – 12 months to 18 months
Big Bears – 18 months to 24 months
Lil’ Ducklings – 2 years
Foxy Talkies – 2-3 years
Cheeky Chipmunks – 3 years
Proud Penguins -Texas School Ready! 3
Determined Dolphins - Texas School Ready! 4
Tough Tigers- School Age 5 to 12 years
Awesome Owls – Summer/Winter Camps (5 years to 12 years)

Applebaum Curriculum

  • Fun Circle Activities
  • Language Literacy
  • Marvelous Math
  • Awesome Art
  • Singing and Musical Fun
  • Social Skills

Lil’ Cubs & Big Bears (Toddler Ages)

Toddlers explore everything with boundless energy. At Oak Leaf Kids Academy we encourage their sense of discovery with the Applebaum Learning curriculum while building vocabulary, encouraging imagination, and personalizing learning for the individual needs of each child.

This highly acclaimed curriculum provides age-appropriate, hands-on activities that address the needs of the whole child: intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically. Essential to a quality child care program is the individual needs of a child. By providing a safe, loving, and stimulating environment we strive to meet those needs during this important time of development. Our teachers are not only experienced in child care and receive ongoing training, but have caring, nurturing hearts with a special love for children.

Large motor skills are developed with our custom designed playground featuring an assortment of slides, swings, and outdoor toys just the right size.

Special programs, entertainment, and movies are available in our theater/auditorium.

Two healthy hot meals and two nutritious snacks are served each day. Breakfast is also available. Our mid-day meal is followed by a rest period.

We have an open-door policy, so feel free to come by and visit us anytime. We look forward to the opportunity to work closely with you in the care of your child.

Lil’ Ducklings, Foxy Talkies, Cheeky Chipmunks

Designed for active two-year-olds, the Applebaum Learning curriculum at Oak Leaf Kids Academy offers hands-ons activities to help the children learn through play. Dramatic play, creative art, simple group games, fingerplays, movement and other activities help the children develop concepts and skills as they have fun.

The curriculum addresses the needs of the whole child's development: intellectual, emotional, social, and physical. It stimulates creativity and fosters a positive self-image.

The program is flexible enough to allow the teachers to adapt it to the individual needs of each child. Along with a safe and loving environment each child is encouraged to grow and learn at their own rate.

Our two-year-old class has a custom designed age appropriate outdoor playground with an assortment of slides, swings, and climbing features that encourage and develop large motor skills.

Problem solving and small motor skills are developed through activities involving blocks, puzzles, age appropriate toys, and art projects that promote learning and discovery.

Special programs, entertainment, and movies are available in our theater/auditorium.

Two healthy hot meals and two nutritious snacks are served each day. Breakfast is also available. A rest period is observed following our mid-day meal.

We work very closely with our parents and have an open-door policy so feel free to come by and visit us anytime.

Texas School Ready! Program (3 years & 4 years)

Texas School Ready is a comprehensive preschool teacher training program that combines a research-based, state-adopted curriculum with ongoing professional development and progress monitoring tools.  Teachers from child care centers, Head Start programs, and public school pre-kindergarten participate in TSR.  Throughout the school year, teachers enrolled in TSR are provided tools to help them learn more about the specific instructional needs of the children in their classrooms and how to support children using engaging lessons and activities. The new skills and techniques that teachers learn through TSR positively affect the classroom experience for children.

What Sets TSR Apart?

Texas School Ready is a comprehensive, research-based professional development program for early education teachers that ensure at-risk children receive targeted instruction in critical school readiness skills. Thousands of pre-K centers in Texas have implemented the program since 2003. As TSR has grown, researchers at the Children’s Learning Institute at the University of Texas Health Science Center have been collecting incredible amounts of data to track changes in teachers’ instructional practices and advancements in their students’ school readiness skills. The results of this research speak to the innovation and effectiveness of TSR.

To learn more visit http://texasschoolready.org/


During the school year, before and after school care is provided for children ages 6-12. Transportation is available to 14 area schools (see list below). Children may be dropped off as early as 6:00 am and we close at 6:30 pm. Full day child care for after school children is offered during school holidays, in-service days, and summer months.

Oak Leaf Kids Academy provides a large variety of activities for our school age children. Outdoors they love the soccer field and large custom-built playground area equipped with tire swings, climbing apparatus, and slides. Adjacent to the playground are basketball courts and goals. During inclement weather our covered outdoor play area also offers basketball and various other activities.

During the summer months the swimming pool is a great way to stay cool. We have a lot of fun at our annual "Splash Day." Swim lessons are also available.

Our computer lab is complete equipped with the latest games and educational software. Game Cube stations are located in the game room along with many other toys, blocks, art supplies, games, etc. A homework area is available for our school age children.

For special events, movies, or other entertainment, the children gather in our theater/auditorium/game room and a surround sound system.
The summer months and holidays are filled with optional fun, exciting, and educational field trips. If a child does not participate in a field trip there are special activities offered at the school.

The dedicated teachers and staff work hard to provide a safe, fun, and accepting atmosphere where children can develop a positive self-image and have a great time participating in many different activities. Feel free to come by and visit us anytime.

Area schools:

  • Rowlett Elementary
  • Shugart Elementary
  • Herfurth Elementary
  • Stephens Elementary
  • Steadham Elementary
  • Keeley Elementary
  • Back Elementary
  • Dorsey Elementary
  • Cullins Lake Pointe Elementary
  • Toler Elementary
  • Pearson Elementary
  • Couch Elementary
  • Coyle Middle School
  • Liberty Grove Elementary
  • Harmony Science Academy
  • Vial Elementary has Bus Service to and from our school.
  • Kimberlain Elementary has Bus Service to and from our school.
  • Watson Elementary has Bus Service to and from our school.


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Phone: 972-412-7273
Email: office@oakleafkidsacademy.com

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